Unkrautpflege, 2018 – ongoing
Action, first performed by the artist on Karl-Marx-Allee, Berlin, August 2018
Video documentation:  4K colour video with sound , 6'22'', 2020

"On August 7, 2018, after nearly four weeks of extreme heat in Berlin, I decided to water all the weeds I could see and reach down my street. I happen to live on Karl-Marx-Allee, a highly symbolic street representing the grandeur of the GDR in Soviet times. So, I went with a water canister down to Alexanderplatz and started watering the plants that people either ignore or pull out. Every time my canister was empty, I would enter a shop or restaurant for water. On the first day, under 38 °C, I reached Strausberger Platz. On the second day, I made it to Frankfurter Tor, on the other end of the street." – AM


Unkrautpflege instuctions, 2018

Unkrautpflege, 2018